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Families, Family Businesses

We work with you to determine the family wealth philosophy and family objectives, and to prioritize the action steps to support achievement of your objectives and to promote harmony in your family.

As a father of two young boys I see how they fight even though they love each other. Usually the bouts are over hockey cards. We’re not talking about a Wayne Gretzky rookie card. The stakes are reasonably low, but the battles can be epic. We encourage them to sort it out on their own and they usually do.

If you have a family cottage, a family business or other family assets the financial and emotional value (and the stakes) can be much higher. With dialogue and the proper process, common interest and potential obstacles can be identified and the proper plans can be put in place. This includes tax, legal and financial considerations.

Though no one can guarantee that everyone will always get along, doing the work upfront can create the basis for family harmony.

Tax, Legal, Financial, Advisory Firms

Droid, bots and algorithms are getting better and better at doing the work that we as advisors have traditionally attached our value to. Our job more than ever is to connect with clients, understand the complex challenges that they face, and guide them through the process of tackling those challenges.

As technology helps with managing and selling financial products, doing compliance, filings and other administrative work, we have more opportunity to focus on complex problem solving with our clients. It’s a great opportunity.

If you are looking to add value to your traditional tax, legal or financial advisory practice, we offer:

  • Holistic planning services for your family business clients
  • Practice management consulting to help build your own processes
  • Advisor training for your team

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